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The Labs (for short) is where all my programs are housed. If you've purchased or requested access to any of my materials you can sign in now. The Labs are divided into two categories: The Prominence Collection and The Mighty Works Collection. 

The Prominence Collection is a suite of products and materials that will help any marketing expert start and grow a profitable and sustainable brand. We cover client acquisition, sales, mindset, operations, and marketing for your own business. 

The Mighty Works Collection is a suite of products and materials that will help any online business owner execute sustainable marketing efforts. You can use this collection to level up your own marketing skills, get unstuck, and/or provide it to your VA for execution. 

Prominence: The Mastermind

A12-month mastermind program for online service providers that will completely shift the way you run your business, from uncertainty and freelancing mode to a prominent figure in your industry. 

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Available Products

The Ultimate Pitch Swipe File

Packed with over 90 cold outreach pitches you can use for social selling. 

It will boost your lead-gen efforts by providing you with a workshop bundle that covers the quickest and most results-driven client acquisition strategy for B2B online experts and service providers out there.

Prospect Pathfinder 2.0

The Prospect Pathfinder Program will help you master your lead generation in 10 days (or less). Everything you need to know to truly rock your acquisition efforts in your online B2B company is neatly packed in this program. 

Over 300+ students have gone through the Prospect Pathfinder and we've made lots of upgrades to the curriculum. A few of the results that we've seen throughout the program are: 

  • Generating their first 10k month
  • Consistent acquisition of leads 
  • Booked out months 
  • The increase of revenue to finally build a team 
  • Clarity on foundational offers 

And so much more! 

Enterprise Offers

Inside the Enterprise Offers, you will learn how to build & close 6-figure deals in just 2 weeks. 

If you want to learn how to hit multiple six-figures in your business (with just 3-4 clients) this is the program for you. 

Here's what is included in the program: 


  • Leads Tracker
  • Pitch Swipe Files
  • Cold Email Templates
  • Process Outline 
  • Enterprise Offer Creation Workbook
  • Tech Stack
  • SOP Deck


  • Enterprise Offer Framework
  • How to build your enterprise offer + Examples
  • Enterprise Offer Tutorial A-Z
  • Podcast Outreach Strategy

And so much more!

Rainmakers Bundle

Command your negotiations, and consistently close more clients. 

Content Planners and Calendars

Create + Plan powerful and intentional content that will elevate your business and attract clients and brand advocates with these 17 templates, all editable in CANVA.

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